52 likes on my facebook page

I would like to say thank you to all of my awesome facebook friends! I asked for likes and offered a contest to get them interested. Boy oh Boy did it work, I started the event at noon yesterday and by 4pm I had 46 likes. I had started with 23, can we say awesome. 23 people in a matter of hours, today I have passed the 50 mark, I have 53 likes so far and I hope to keep going! I decided to go ahead and do a give away since it took me no time at all to get to 50. So I have now decided to go ahead and do another give away at 75. I am going to anounce it on Facebook right after I finish with this post. I am busy working on the blankets for the 5 little monkeys boutique and babies to teens consingment. Yall have a good day now! I’ll see you tomorrow!



I am so excited to announce that I have a partnership with a local consignment shop here in town and I am also thrilled to say that I have a buyer for a boutique, hence she is going to buy the items from me at wholesale and then sell them in her boutique. I am so very excited about this and cant wait to get the items finished!

Projects are Abundant

I would like to thank one of my new friends for her order of 4 crocheted ponchos, I have gotten the inspiration to order business cards and a little logo sticker for the back of my van, I even put my etsy store on my business card. something i did think that I would ever do! I feel re-energized and ready to go I have been trying the patterns that I have purchased from other etsyians and I am going to post them in my store. right now I only have the one item but as the weeks go by I can definitely see me adding more things to the store I am still totally enamored of Sarah London and all  the great things that she can do you can find her at sarah.london@wordrpress.com she is absolutely fabulous and can do wonders with yarn. I can not wait to make her arctic scarf or get my book that I have pre-ordered. Well off I go to continue with poncho making I would like to have one finished by this saturday when we have our girls night out at applebees!

Busy times

Whew it has been a busy few weeks since my last post. I was working a blanket all of small granny aquares and I have put that one on the back burner for a bit as it was taking quite sometime. I realized that I could make one big granny square blanket faster and more than one in the time that it had taken me to make all the small squares, I will sell that one on Etsy once i am done with it.  I have made some new friends on facebook in the Sacramento area and hopefully we will all be able to get toghther soon. i also sell scrapbook stuff so if you would like to see some original papers and stampsets, head on over to crissydelecki.myctmh.com, the current catalog ends soon and all the level one paper packs will be retired and the new ones will take over and right now if you spend 50.00 you can get an item for 1.00 all of this is over on my site. Ok y’all have a good weekend and I will be posting some more pictures of the blanket I am almost done with and I am so ready to start making stuff for winter but I feel that it is still a bit too warm. I found the cutest sweater for dogs that I cant wait to make, such a pity that I dont have a dog!

Post number two

Since my last post was non crochet related i am posting another on. I m busy working on booties and blankets for the boutique and i have found super cute stuff for babies for this winter and i cant wait for the cooler months to arrives so that I can get started on them. I am very excited that with a new season that there are new things that need to be made or well deserve to be made lol. So I’m gonna sit here watching a the nanny marathon on nickW and drinking my sweet tea (southern girl here) and work on some more squares until i have a few dozen of them. Sweet dreams all and have a good night!

A sad day

So as I am sitting in my chair crochet needle in hand and working along on blanket number two for the lovely little things boutique. I was watching the coverage of the verdict in the Casey Anthony trail and when the verdict was read I realized that justice was a not served for this little girl who spent heavens knows how long where she was after she was killed. Why didn’t Casey just give her to George and Cindy. As a parent I would rather my child be with her grandparents than dead. But i guess i as a rationale person that that would be the smart thing to do. Any way that is all I want to say on that subject.

Around and around the granny square we go

So I have finished the first 14 rounds of the first baby blanket for the boutique I’m calling it summer dreams. It is light raspberry spring green and pumpkin. I feel that these are great summer colors the green and light raspberry reminds me of a watermelon. And I love watermelon. As I was watching true blood and crocheting today the character Lafayette had a crocheted blanket in spa blu raspberry light raspberry, corn yellow and black, I know I’m such a yarn whore that I know the colors by heart. But what can I say I’m sure there are people out there who know other things by heart. I am so excited to keep working on projects for the boutique. It feels really great to have an outlet to share my talents and keep gong. And to top it all off I emailed one of my crochet idols, Sarah London and asked her permission to use her patterns and she said YES. Feel free to check her outnat sarahlondon.wordpress.com. I love her blog! Well kiddos I’m gonna call it a night and work on summer dreams some more I will post progress pictures tomorrow.

Later y’all